We are the premium classifieds website in Sri Lanka. At adspot.lk we facilitate an online virtual marketplace which is a safe-ground for both sellers and buyers to meet and conduct valuable transactions.

Our promise is to ensure the safest on-site experience to our utmost capability.

At adspot.lk, we are always thoroughly determined to ensure both seller and buyer safety. Therefore we can provide you all an enjoyable on-site experience.

We currently use state-of-the-art software. To ensure safety on-site, while constantly making regular updates to make sure our technology is the latest and safest.

Each and every ad posted on our site is manually reviewed. To ensure that fraudulent advertisements aren't placed on our site.

Non the less for your safety, we thoroughly advice you to be careful while enjoying your stay on our site.

Safety for sellers

While we provide the best possible effort to ensure the safety and rights of our sellers. It's always a good idea to be cautious…
  • Do not give your products (items for sale) until you have received payment.
  • It's always a good idea to meet potential buyers in person before conducting the transaction.
  • For your convenience you can chat with buyers on-site itself without using third-party messaging software.
  • Adspot never sends request emails asking for your personal information or financial information. Do not open or answer to such links or messages and please feel free to contact us and help us prevent such happenings on-site to make adspot safer.
  • If you want to purchase an ad package please feel free to contact us for information.
  • We currently don't provide online payment options since our payment systems are currently under construction and in order to ensure maximum security all transactions will be carried out via bank transfers only therefore do not pay using any online methods to adspot.lk

Safety for buyers

We have ads from a very large number of various sellers. While we can ensure that most of the sellers on-site are genuine. We advice to be cautious when meeting and purchasing. 
  • Do not make payments before receiving your product.
  • Adspot does not charge to view ads or see the products before purchase.
  • Do not provide bank information or card details through email, message or any other verbal form.
  • Always check the condition of the products before purchase and make sure they are in a condition to satisfy your likes. ( Just because you viewed and contacted the seller, you aren't obliged to purchase the product ). 
  • It's always a good idea to meet with the sellers in person before purchase. Make sure to meet in a public place.
  • Be extra cautious about advertisements which seem too good to be true.

Regulations Criteria for Ad Posting

Please adhere to the following rules and regulations when posting ads on adspot.lk. Otherwise we'll be compelled to remove your ad. In order to ensure safety for our users.
  • Always post ads using genuine photos of your product.
  • You can only post up to 5 pictures.
  • Be descriptive as possible – more description means more conversion of viewers into potential buyers.
  • Try to fill all fields as possible since fields affect comparisons.
  • Ad content will be reviewed by our team and ads related to drugs, alcohol, adult content and other irrelevant content will be removed by the admin and account will be removed.
  • At the moment we only support local (Sri Lankan) ads and other ads will be removed.