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FREE CONSULTING – FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP FOR VISA We are over 10 years experienced & registered financial consultants in Colombo /..

1 week ago 08:01 AM
Rs. 10,000

Professional Web Design Solution

Santop is a team of Experienced & Qualified who can help you to increase your business online…. ######################################### Why We..

2 weeks ago 18:20 PM
Colombo 06
Rs. 18,000


IELTS for oversees education will be starting from January, 06th 2019 at No 35 Kurunagala road Chilaw.

3 weeks ago 11:06 AM
Rs. 22,000

Mobile Phone Repairing Course

ජංගමදුරකථන අලුත්වැඩියා පුහුණු පාඨමාලාව සදහා දැන් ලියාපදිංචිය සිදුකෙරේ Mobile Phone Repairing Course in sri lanka கையடக்க தொலைபேசி பழுது பார்த்தல் OL..

3 weeks ago 07:36 AM
Rs. 12,500


Beautifull pillow එකක් name band එකක් Valentine cake එකක් Gift Item එකක් හදාගන්න ඕනද delivery කරගන්න ඕන අය කියන්න ❣..

4 weeks ago 11:40 AM
Rs. 1,000

Web Design Sri Lanka – Gavi Digital

ඔබගේ ව්‍යාපාරය ඉතා නිවැරදි ලෙස අන්තර්ජාල තුල ගොඩනගාදීමට අප සූදානම්, ඔබ කුමන ක්‍ෂේත‍්‍රයේ ව්‍යාපාරිකයකු වූවද අන්තර්ජාලය තුල ඔබ ක‍්‍රියාකාරී නොමැතිනම්..

2 months ago 07:13 AM


Total Printing Soloutions

2 months ago 09:38 AM
Rs. 2

ISO Certifications and Trainings

AJA EQS Certification as a leading International Certification Body for Management Systems (ISO) in Asia since 1999. Our Innovative services..

2 months ago 07:39 AM
Colombo 04
Rs. 175,000

Safety Jacket

# We are manufactures and supplies of high quality a grade industrial safety jacket. # It’s made from high quality..

2 months ago 07:38 AM
Rs. 200

You hire a car for your road trip?

Lovsun Tours Price starting from yaris -Rs 3500 per day for (100km) only OR Rs 7000 per day for (500km)..

2 months ago 09:24 AM
Rs. 3,500

Kottawa taxi cab service

A very reliable and safe taxi service you can count on whether you are travelling alone as a family or..

2 months ago 17:08 PM


LABOUR CONSULTATION & ADMINISTRATION • EPF and ETF New Accounts • EPF/ETF Claims • Payroll/Maintenance • HR Consultation • Manpower..

2 months ago 20:14 PM
Colombo 10

Chicken Display Freezer

01. Size 4 feet length – Rs.99,900 02. Size 5 feet length – Rs.109,900 03. Size 6 feet length –..

2 months ago 20:14 PM
Rs. 55,000

Electronics Repairs For Factories

දෝෂ නිරාකරණය, යන්ත්‍ර සදහා නව පාලන පැනල නිර්මාණය කිරීම, ඇතුළු ඔබගේ කර්මාන්ත ශාලාවේ සියලු යන්ත්‍ර සම්බන්ධ විදුලි අවශ්‍යතා සදහා. @..

2 months ago 08:59 AM

Landscaping and garden service

We are the fifteen years experience in garden service and maintenance with warranty and all grass items wholesale and retail..

2 months ago 14:52 PM
Rs. 70


GUM BOOT-B 850.00 GUM BOOT IMPORTED 1750.00 GLOVES 35.00,45.00,50.00 WELDING GLOVES 130.00 SAFTY GLASS 90.00 SAFTY GOOGLE 200.00 JACKET 150.00..

3 months ago 15:16 PM
Rs. 200

IELTS with us!

FOR RELIABLE IMMIGRATION ADVICE Bright International Education & Travels, 365/B, Kotte Road, Nugegoda. For More Details: +94 712 447 552..

3 months ago 07:14 AM

legal and company secretarial work

Over 20 years experienced team of lawyers offer a broad range of professional services to individuals/companies/ investors/ condominium and other..

3 months ago 20:48 PM

Electronics Repairs For Factories

Any repair of your factory, any modification of machines, contact us now. දෝෂ නිරාකරණය, යන්ත්‍ර සදහා නව පාලන පැනල නිර්මාණය..

3 months ago 18:21 PM

Pressure Washer AW100

Limited time offer for Nawaloka Hitachi Power Tools with Company Warranty Pickup @Ceyoka (Pvt) Ltd Location – No. 55, Negombo..

3 months ago 18:21 PM
Rs. 17,000

Disc Grinder PDA 100m

Limited time offer for Nawaloka Hitachi Power Tools with Company Warranty Pickup @Ceyoka (Pvt)Ltd Location – No. 55, Negombo Road,..

3 months ago 18:21 PM
Rs. 9,000

Disc Grinder G12SS2

Limited time offer for Nawaloka Hitachi Power Tools with Company Warranty Pickup @Ceyoka (Pvt) Ltd Location – No. 55, Negombo..

3 months ago 18:21 PM
Rs. 8,500

CCTV camera course Nugegoda

SWOT INSTITUTE 0772011040, 0711226562, Course Contents: (NVQ Level 3 Curriculum) Diploma in CCTV course We are the first in delivering..

3 months ago 19:16 PM
Rs. 7,500

Mobile phone repairing course

ජංගමදුරකථන අලුත්වැඩියා පුහුණු පාඨමාලාව 0711226562 / 0772011040 Course Contents: (NVQ Level 3 Curriculum). Software Technology 138 S De S. Jayasinghe..

3 months ago 19:15 PM
Rs. 7,500
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