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We kreatly education, provide premium dissertation/ Essay editing & consulting services and assistance for your research and academic works.
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What can we help you with?

🔴We can help you with almost any kind of statistical analysis in SPSS/ R Studio and results reporting. Moreover we will provide assignment undertaking service and support for your assignment.
🔴 Statistical Analysis can be done according to your requirement with SPSS, DATA ANALYSIS chapter is most important chapter of your research and we can support you to complete your fourth chapter.
🔴 Also, we support to complete your research/dissertation with proper ASSISTANCE and guidance. 🎓🎓
🔴 Currently, many undergraduates, postgraduate students are doing their research with questionnaire. These collected data should be coded and entered into SPSS. Afterwards required tests should be conducted based on assumptions and limitations. We support you for data analysis part which is the heart of your research life.
🔴 Finalize your conceptual framework and questionnaire immediately because other parts of your study can do simultaneously. Collect responses as much you can. Then you will be safe. Because you have everything that you need to write your thesis/dissertation.
🔴 Please note, we will accept money AFTER COMPLETING the analysis. Modifications are done till your report submission. Guaranteed best service and results.
🔴 Research is a process of discovering new knowledge. So plan and spend your time effectively. Good luck with your research.
Feel free to call and discuss your requirements. We ready to assist you..

•Entering data into SPSS and data cleaning.
•Univariate and bivariate statistics (Hypothesis testing, Analysis of variance (ANOVA), regression, multiple regression, logistic regression).
•Principal components and factor analysis, multiway frequency analysis, discriminant analysis, power analysis, structural equation modeling.
•And much more, please send us an e-mail about your specific needs.

How do we work?
We can help you out wherever you are in the world. You can send copies Excel or SPSS file of your data via e-mail or mail. We communicate by either e-mail, Skype or telephone. If you can add us on viber or whatsapp. That will be easy to communicate in real time.
Our Statisticians Will:

Assist you in developing statistical considerations (statistical hypotheses, statistical methods and sample size justification) for your dissertation proposal.
Conduct statistical analysis in the analysis phase.
Provide clear and easy to understand written reports with appropriate tables and graphs of all statistical analyses.
Fully demonstrate how to interpret and report each type of statistical procedure that we suggest and make sure you completely understand the rationale for the selection of statistical analysis and how the statistics were run in statistical software.
Provide developmental editing on your method and results chapters.
Assist you as you prepare for your oral defence meeting.
Common Statistical Methods Our Statisticians Employ:
Our statisticians can provide consultation on a variety of advanced statistical methods, such as categorical data analysis, generalised estimating equations, fixed-effects models, hierarchical linear models, and missing data handling techniques.
Our statisticians will make sure that you understand all statistical analyses and that you are fully prepared to explain and defend your analyses. They will provide ample phone and email support and work with you until you have successfully completed your dissertation or thesis.

We can help with statistics at undergraduate, Masters and PhD level. some of the subjects we can help with:

👉 Cleaning data for analysis (missing values., extreme values, recording, Etc.)
👉 Expository Data Analysis
👉 Demographic related charts, graphs
👉 T tests
👉 Regression
👉 Correlation
👉 Cluster Analysis
👉 Factor Analysis
👉 Reliability Analysis (Cronbach’s alpha)
👉 Hypothesis testing
👉 APA Style Writings for analysis conducted
👉Descriptive Analysis using all kinds of Charts Bar charts, Pie charts, Histograms,

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Please note prices are depend on scope of work.


(Price is Negotiable)

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