Biocos Beauty Cream + Serum For Men and Women

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Biocos Beauty Cream + Serum For Men and Women
Both Just for – Rs.1400

Biocos International Laboratories is has the best formula for skin whitening.

• Biocus Emergency Whitening Serum is enriched with vitamins, natural ingredients and considered best fairness whitening treatment. This whitening fairness treatment formula has Minerals, Fruit Extracts, Vitamin E and B which make your skin tone softer and richer. This fairness formula makes dark skin fairer and provide fairer skin tones even more attractive implication.

• Application: Mix Biocus Whitening Serum in Any Whitening cream and start using 7 days before weddings and other celebrations and events and see the astonishing beautiful results. For best results, mix Biocus Whitening Serum with Biocus Skin Beauty Cream.

• Many beauticians also use this mixture to enhance facial results. Consistent moderate use of Biocus Emergency Whitening Serum makes you skin tone softer and richer.

How to use?

Use at night all over face and neck after washing thoroughly with Biocos emergency whitening soap. For Synergic impact, Use in conjunction with Biocos emergency whitening serum for Intensive Skin Whitening and Brightening.

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