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Our company is Invent Electro Controls and we are into commercial and Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning controlling systems. We represent the Mother company ELIWELL which is situated in Italy and we are the sole agent in Sri Lanka for this ELIWELL Products.

This Electronic micro Processor interfaces are used for cool rooms, freezer rooms, Island freezers, food display cabinets, diary coolers and to any food display cabinets hot and cold to control temperature.

The three types of standard Micro-Processor Controls that are available as follows:

1) EWplus 974 NTC 230V, this has the complete refrigeration system Controls, such as Temperature, Defrosting and Evaporator fans and it has two probes (sensors)
2) EWplus 902 NTC 230V, it controls only Temperature and this has only a single probe (sensors).
3) IDplus 974 NTC 230V, this has the complete refrigeration system and that is the Compressor, Defrosting and Evaporator fans and these are used for cool rooms and deep freezers, IDplus 974 DC 12V are specially designed for reefer trucks and mobile refrigeration system.

Details of the Control Panels:

• Size: H 500mm, L 400mm, W 150mm
• Powder quoted galvanized steel Enclosure box
Components included in the control panel:
• Eliwell ID 974 Micro Processor Controller (made in Italy) with 3 meter long probes (sensors)
• Three Indicator lamps for each Phase, and four separate indicator lamps for Evaporator fans On, Compressor On, Defrosting On and compressor trip by Safety Control.
• Power On, Power off Switch
• ANLY Phase failure Voltage relay.
• LS 63 amp 4 pole MCB
• LS MC 12A Four pole magnetic contactor including MC 18A overload protector (for compressor)
• LS MC 12a Four pole magnetic contactor for defrosting heaters.
• LS MC 6A Four pole magnetic contactor for evaporator fans.
• Two LS C6 and C10 one pole MCB controllers for freezer room lights and door heaters.(All LS components are made in Korea)
These are designed and manufactured for walking cool rooms and freezer rooms to control temperature and defrosting.


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