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* Loud burglar alarm & immediate alert to your phones.
* Fully wireless & Branded (Comply with ISO9001 safety standards and certified by CE & CCC)
* Pet immunity feature. (No false alarms due to pets) and advanced power saving options.
* Capture even a thief enter through the roof/ceiling also.
* Can switch on/off light bulbs,etc automatically or from anywhere in the world.
* Upto 8 user access categories (Owner, visitor, servant, etc)
* Easy arm/disarm using remotes / phone.
* High power backup battery (24 Hrs+ power backup which suits for lengthy power cuts & automatic recharging.)
* Zone wise arming facility (upto 8 arming profiles).
* Smart sensor protection (even in off state) for in-house threats. (eg: servants, visitors)
* Many more…
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Installation by graduate professionals having over 10 years experience with sound technical background.

GSM version with Android/iPhone applications are also available.

* We are the only security alarm system provider in the market with “outdoor siren disconnection sensing” technology. (Invented by our inhouse R&D unit)

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