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Crew CAB

Good condition Negotiable

2 weeks ago 07:50 AM
Kuliyapitiya East
Rs. 1,750,000

For Sale

sali hadeceyak nesa vekunanava. ekamanata denava. vadeya padala na gederamae theyane.Orginal Tire . bike ake kecema damage akak na ...

4 months ago 16:16 PM
Rs. 210,000

For Sale

Sali hadeceyak .a nesa ekamanata vekunanava. vadeya duvala na gederamae theyane.shoroom aken genapu vedehatama theyanava. brand new condition. gana 10%..

4 months ago 16:16 PM
Rs. 1,875,000

Toyota KE 72DX Wagon

TOYOTA KE 72 DX Wagon (53-9xxx) High Roof Original book Original body & Original Interior Head rest model YOM –..

5 months ago 16:04 PM
Rs. 645,000

For Sale

Sali hadeceyak nesa ekamanata vekunane. vadeya duvala na. gedaramae theyane. Double disk. Brand new tayar mae theyane. Hodata petoral karanava...

5 months ago 21:48 PM
Rs. 210,000

For Sale

Sali hadeceyak nesa ekamanata vekunanane. vadeya duvala na. gederamae theyane. showroom aken genapu vedehatama theyanava. kecema damage akak na car..

5 months ago 21:48 PM
Rs. 18,750,000

For Sale

Sali Hadeceyak. Ekamanata Denava. Vadeya duvala na.

5 months ago 20:39 PM
Rs. 18,400,000


athata 200000 one 16*38 finance atha 3 weel maru salake canapy ekath atha

9 months ago 22:17 PM
Rs. 200,000

maruti car

Original body,to be paint,can see in k/gala brokers Pl…

10 months ago 18:52 PM
Rs. 7

nissan nawara

Nissan Navara 2007 Manual, outlaw 2500CC PD 0000 number 4 wheels, Diesel Multifunction, Airbags, CD /DVD, Alloy wheels, Center Lock,..

10 months ago 22:04 PM
Rs. 3,850,000


Unregistered Ac , ps , -5c’ freezer truck , good condition

10 months ago 17:33 PM
Kuliyapitiya East
Rs. 22,800,000


Good Condition First Owner

10 months ago 08:01 AM
Rs. 85,000


Mint Condition New battery Full Option Registration Year 2006 Original Paint Ex Saloon Automatic Transmission Power Shutters, Central Lock, Alloy..

12 months ago 18:45 PM
Rs. 2,475,000

cd125 benly

Honda cd125 Benly gear 5 Intelligent key Remote start remote stop security system Brand new battery brand new tyres original..

1 year ago 19:45 PM
Rs. 235,000

Suzuki swift

Suzuki swift Efi Auto Full option AC power steering Power Shutters Dual air bags Black color Original condition Car interior..

1 year ago 19:31 PM
Rs. 2,280,000

mahindra maxximo

Finense thiyanawa.baike akak dila madi gana athin unath aulak ne.14000×48 thiyanawa.tayer samanyen hodai.aluth betrya.woranty thiyanawa aurudu 2k

1 year ago 21:26 PM
Rs. 265,000

Townace loto cr27

toyota town ace Loto CR36 auto gear 4 door ac working power string 4wd working engine body 100% new panasonic..

1 year ago 19:33 PM
Rs. 2,050,000

Suzuki GN125

Excellent Condition Unregister Original Japan Not Chines or Singapore On light New Tires Front Disk Break

1 year ago 09:28 AM
Rs. 275,000

Honda MD90

Excellent Condition As it is Hand Heater Original tires Original Paint Unregister

1 year ago 09:28 AM
Rs. 120,000

IZUZU Elf 250

good condition With all clear document [email protected] property sales

1 year ago 10:08 AM
Rs. 820,000


85 brand new 26 seats Aluminium thattuwa Tin body New plaint New tyres & battry Good conditions…

1 year ago 18:51 PM
Rs. 1,275,000

Dimo Batta for sell

Fully conditions vehicle

1 year ago 06:22 AM
Rs. 900

esuzu elf 250 for sale

good condition of use. with all document. call for details. 0702711241

1 year ago 17:56 PM
Rs. 820,000

Dimo batta

Ex giyar 5 Kuduwa rajester New tayar Finance 660000k daganda puluwan

1 year ago 13:15 PM
Kuliyapitiya West
Rs. 740,000

Toyota Corona CT210

Toyota corona premio ct 210 full option auto gear 2c turbo engine dual airbags abs break power shutters power mirros..

1 year ago 21:47 PM
Rs. 1,925,000