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Civilin fan

Brand new civilin fan “STC” made in china

3 weeks ago 13:34 PM
Rs. 3,200

note book cooling pad

Brand new Real potos atach cal or mag Iland wide dilivary Stoke atha

3 months ago 21:13 PM
Rs. 799

iPhone 5s

Iphone 5s Gold 32 GB full set 35500/= 100% brand new condition There is no any scratches Fixed price Quick..

4 months ago 16:57 PM
Rs. 35,500

Samsung J7 prime

Brand new condition. Orginal Headphone and Charger

4 months ago 22:06 PM
Rs. 32,000

solar panel + battery

solar panel + battery + 4 lights + phone charger

4 months ago 08:20 AM
Rs. 40,000

Apple 5s Gold

IPhone 5s 32GB Dock & charger only No errors Superb condition ? % working ? Fingerprints #No_Exchange

4 months ago 10:59 AM
Rs. 32,000

Camera Tripod

2 Orginal Camera tripod made in japan No errors ekak 6000

4 months ago 09:28 AM
Rs. 6,000

TDS – Water test meter

Best quality Best price Temperature meter

4 months ago 14:41 PM
Rs. 2,500

Used phone’s

IPhone 6 64GB Rs62000 iPhone 6s 64GB.. Rs77000 full set… Call

4 months ago 13:03 PM
Rs. 62,000

Acer Notebook

Acer Note book lap… Aka ratin ganapu akk Ram 1gb Hard 300..ex… OK phone

4 months ago 11:39 AM
Rs. 270,000

Pen/Flash drive 16GB

Brand = Techkey USB = USB 2.0 Waterproof & dust proof

5 months ago 15:33 PM
Rs. 950


Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB Factory Unlocked with full set Come extra two case One case is worth of $25..

5 months ago 14:11 PM
Rs. 35,000

zigo tab

Zigo nibula 6.9, 100% conditions long battery life 7″inch Sim & wifi

5 months ago 08:23 AM
Rs. 9,000

Shaving matching

Made in pinland. Red colour

5 months ago 14:37 PM
Rs. 4,500

nokia x2

Nokia x2..dual sim.. Microsoft corperation.. 1gb ram.. 1.2 ghz.. 5mp back cam,3mp front.. 3g network.. With charger.. Battery life upto..

6 months ago 18:23 PM
Rs. 7,000

Sinhala Palapala Software

You Can use this Software to Give Palapala Vistharayak . and take Print out for Small Book.

6 months ago 12:13 PM
Rs. 12,000

Apple i5 phone sale

white colour 32 gb capacity Orginal charger only

6 months ago 14:34 PM
Rs. 22,000

32GB pen

2 year warrnty 32Gb pen 3.0 Speed

6 months ago 17:33 PM
Rs. 2,000

Hp i5 laptop.

Hp,i5,1TB hrd,8GB ram,black,3 year warranty(Abans),bought 2 month ago,very very good condition, it’s not work hard.

6 months ago 21:19 PM
Rs. 70,000

XBOX 1st generation

Brand New Condition. Brought From Japan. Full set With Remote Control. With Original six games and 2 joysticks.

6 months ago 15:52 PM
Rs. 13,500
dj consol

dj consol

numark mix tarak pro . hodatama tyenawa aluthmawage home use

6 months ago 15:33 PM
Rs. 25,000

CCTV Camera Systems (Super Quality)

අද කාලයේ වෙළඳසැල් වලට පමණක් නෙමෙයි, නිවාස වලටත් cctv කැමරා සවිකරගන්න අවශ්‍යතාවය ඇවිල්ල. අපේ ගෙදර දොර ආරක්ෂාව OFFICE එකේ ඉඳන්ම..

7 months ago 10:33 AM
Rs. 24,500

CCTV Camera Systems

අද කාලයේ වෙළඳසැල් වලට පමණක් නෙමෙයි, නිවාස වලටත් cctv කැමරා සවිකරගන්න අවශ්‍යතාවය ඇවිල්ල. අපේ ගෙදර දොර ආරක්ෂාව OFFICE එකේ ඉඳන්ම..

7 months ago 16:11 PM
Rs. 24,500

Apple iphone 6s plus gold 16gb

? Full Set with same IMEI Box ? 100% Condition ? Factory Unlocked ? Gold Color ? 3D Touch &..

7 months ago 13:25 PM
Rs. 82,000

samsusung j7 phone

samsusung j7-6 nawatama madiliya aragana satiyai mudal hadissyakata apahu denawa full set with box

7 months ago 08:47 AM
Rs. 28,000