Point of Sale System

7 months ago 17:15 PM
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Point of Sale System / Inventory Control system
This system supports to manage and organize sales of the communications and same type of shops and It’s being used by more than 50 communication shops without any issue. This system provide capabilities to,
– Fill, Update and Delete inventory
– Browse non confidential data
– Browse confidential data
– Inventory search
– Generate report
– Profit report
– Low stock report
– Inventory value
– Invoice report
– Sales report

Other functions and features
– Automatic backup/restore system
– Manual backup/restore system
– Add,Update, Remove user
– Mobile phone repairing information section
– Backup will be automatically uploaded to dropbox (internet required)

Notice : We will provide only software solution with life time license keys. It provides the capabilities of one click installation to your own PC. All the functions and features has been tested by implementing more than 50 shops. Unfortunately, if you got any problem, feel free to contact us. we’ll provide proper solution as soon as possible(within 48 hours).

Report facilities : This system is not provide capabilities of printing the reports. But it can saved as excel file(*.csv format) and print it.

Feel free to contact us. If number is not reachable or busy state, please leave a message. we will contact you as soon as we can.


Publisher: Vishva Rodrigo

Location: Negombo, Gampaha

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