Banner Advertising

We get thousands of page views per month !
Why don’t you take some to advertise your brand or product?

We are now offering Banner Advertising space for customers to reach wider audience and increase their brand awareness. According to your business model, you can choose to display your banner of all cateogories or specific category.

Targeting your ad will help you to reach the right audience who are actually interested in your brand. Our banner advertising offer is suitable and affordable to large and medium companies, small businesses or single proprietorship businesses

Where will your banner show?

Desktop Devices:

For people browsing our website using a Desktop Computer or a Laptop, he will see your banner right after header.

This is a unique spot and there is a high chance that every visitor that comes to the site sees your ad.

Mobile Devices:

Latest research shows that day by day more people are surfing the internet using mobile devices such as smart phones. So we made a responsive website. Same banner will show on the same place for visitors who browse our site using a mobile device.

Mobile visitors will see your banner before they scroll down to experience the rest of the content.


Site Location Ref No Category Impressions Price
(per month) (per month)
All Ads page 01 N/A 31000 4700 LKR
Category Listings 02 Electronics 2200 330 LKR
03 Property 3000 450 LKR
04 Vehicles 44000 6600 LKR
05 All Other Categories 2500 400 LKR
Single Ad/ Detailed View 06 Electronics 12000 1800 LKR
07 Property 11000 1700 LKR
08 Vehicles 56000 8400 LKR
09 All Other Categories 14000 2100 LKR

Terms of Banner Advertising Purchase:

– Available terms: 01 month, 02 months, 03 months
– You can buy more than one spot.
– You need to provide us the banner and target link. We don’t offer design services.
– Banner will be hosted on our servers.
– Both animated and static banners are accepted
– Accepted file types: JPG, PNG, GIF
– You can request to change the banner anytime
– All payments are final and non-refundable.
– We reserve the right to approve or disapprove your ad

How to Buy:

01. Make the payment for relevant spot from above
(Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Cards, Dialog eZ Cash, Mobitel MCash, Sampath Bank Online Banking
If you are paying for 2 or 3 months in advance, you’ll get 5% and 10% discount respectively. Contact us before paying.
If you want to buy more than one spot, please send an e-mail to the address mentioned below.

02. You will get a receipt of the payment via e-mail.
Forward it to: [email protected]
with following info:

– Banner image and target link

Contact for any info: [email protected]