Ad Posting Rules

You must follow these rules/ guidelines when posting an ad on By posting an ad on, you understand and agree to these rules.


  • Item you are selling must be applicable to Sri Lankan law
  • Item must locate inside the territory of Sri Lanka
  • You can advertise only one item in single ad
  • Do not post multiple ads for one item. This is also known as spamming. Hiring someone else to do this is not allowed.
  • Ad title, description, images and other information must match to the item you are selling. You are not allowed to copy these from other ad or from other online website as it will violate the copyrights.
  • You are not allowed to use unusual presentation methods within ad title and description for the purpose of increasing its visibility in search results.
  • You must post your ad in most relevant category.
  • Language and images used in the ad must not be explicit, offensive and shocking to individuals, ethnic groups or public figures. These include but not limited to fraud, drug related, adult-oriented material.
  • You must not put any website URL in the ad to serve no other purpose than to send traffic to another web site.

We reserve the right to enforce these rules at our discretion and change these rules at any time.

Selling If you are interested, send your offer via email: [email protected]